Our Services

Let us create a program customized to your training goals.

Great programming addresses the needs of both workers and trainers while meeting organizational priorities.

Here’s how we help your program succeed.

In our 30+ years developing and delivering programs, we’ve fine-tuned tools and techniques designed to help build the right program for you.


We identify gaps between technical training and on-the-job demands

We use industry knowledge and training expertise to measure worker skills relative to technical training and on-the-job requirements.


We develop programming based on research and evaluation

All programs are based on sound data collection, research and analysis to ensure the efficacy of your programs.


We design a variety of delivery options

We design user-centered solutions based on proven learning principles.

And we deliver too.

SkillPlan’s trainers help apprentices improve foundational skills and overcome learning obstacles in preparation for apprenticeship training. We have delivered training to thousands of learners across Canada.

Tutoring thousands of apprentices every year.

Teaching an apprenticeship program? Looking for extra help? You’re not alone.

We’ve helped over 50,000 apprentices in the construction trades across Canada. We offer tutoring services, including online tutorial videos and one-on-one live tutoring to help apprentices better understand challenging topics in technical training.

Ready-to-go products

Working in partnership with our stakeholders, we have also been creating proven training systems and products to meet their unique workforce needs. Here are a few of our products.

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