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Measurement and Calculation for the Trades

Measurement and Calculation for the Trades

Author(s): Sue Grecki
Format: Coil bound, 283 pages
Price: $54
(*Price for 10+): $48.60
Category: Apprentices, Instructors, Trades

Math textbook – Review & practice basic construction math skills such as measurement and calculation. Prepare for technical training in a construction apprenticeship.
Also available: Carpenter Applications

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Measurement and Calculation for the Trades enables construction apprentices to prepare for technical training by reviewing the required numeracy skills. Review and practice basic math skills using whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratio/proportion, percent, measurement & conversions, perimeter, area, volume, and right-angle triangles. This resource can be used for both individual study and group instruction.

Instructors can order a class set of math textbooks for students.