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From the Ground Up: Tradesworkers on the Job

From the Ground Up: Tradesworkers on the Job

Author(s): Vanya Wong, Julia Lew
Format: Coil book, 126 pages
Price: $34
(*Price for 10+): $30.60
Category: Apprentices, Instructors, Trades

Practice construction skills such as interpreting floor plans, reading specifications for wiring, and calculating lengths of lumber.
Companion to: Formulas at Work

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Learn about trades careers and the language of Canadian construction sites in this book. It is divided into three sections. The first section is about the construction of a tilt-up warehouse and introduces the reader to the terminology used on a job site. The second section is an introduction to careers in the trades and features interviews with tradesworkers and information about their occupations. Essential Skills such as Document Use, Reading, and Numeracy are the focus of the third section.

A good resource for pre-apprenticeship.

Instructors can order a class set for students.