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Carpenter Applications

Carpenter Applications

Author(s): Sue Grecki, Bob Whitaker
Format: Coil bound, 190 pages
Price: $54
(*Price for 10+): $48.60
Category: Apprentices, Instructors, Trades

Carpentry training textbook for learning basic skills in construction trades math.
Companion to: Measurement and Calculation for the Trades

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Carpenter Applications is a textbook which provides review and practice of trades math applications specific to the carpentry trade. There are five sections: Occupational Skills, Concrete, Framing, Exterior Finish and Interior Finish. Applications include:

  • Calculating and recording differences in elevations
  • Calculating angles and distances to lay out a building
  • Calculating common rafter line lengths
  • Calculating the length of a stair stringer
  • Calculating concrete quantities using a centreline

This mathbook is appropriate for carpentry apprentices who want extra practice with numeracy skills or are preparing for carpentry exams. It is also appropriate for individuals who may be interested in training in a carpentry apprenticeship.

Instructors can order a class set for students.

Carpenter Mathbook