20 years of experience Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Other Industries

Program Development

We design programs that are customized to fit the needs, interests and circumstances of the workplace. By working with instructors and technical experts, we will develop a program that aims to improve the Essential Skills of workers at your company. These Essential Skills include Reading, Document Use, Numeracy, and Oral Communication.

What We Do

  • Design Essential Skills programs for the workplace.
  • Interview key personnel such as subject matter experts (instructors, senior staff) to design learning outcomes for the program.
  • Conduct assessment interviews to acquire data on the skills gaps of the participants for the program.
  • Design curriculum materials including manuals, worksheets and job aids.
  • Integrate Essential Skills into technical curriculum.
  • Mentor workplace training instructors with implementing new programs into workplace training.
  • Mentor supervisors with implementing the new training program into the company.

Programs We Design

Our goal is to design programs that meet industry needs. Some of the programs that companies have implemented into their training are listed here.

Essential Skills Integration

Workplace training instructors can increase the productivity of workers by integrating Essential Skills into their program. When workers have a solid foundation in Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy, they are more ready to learn challenging technical material.

Implementing Mentorship on the Job

Workers, supervisors, and contractors will learn a strategy for mentoring trainees or new workers on the jobsite. The mentorship program benefits both the company and the industry – it encourages the passing on of skills and the continuation of the industry.

Oral Communication on the Job

Workers who take the Oral Communication Program learn skills for communicating with supervisors and coworkers. This training is offered as classes or individual mentoring.