20 years of experience Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Other Industries

Curriculum Development

Workplace training has a crucial role in maintaining a strong workforce. We develop and facilitate training for companies that aim to improve the Essential Skills of their workers.

What We Do

  • Design Essential Skills curriculum based on industry and workplace needs.
  • Integrate Essential Skills (Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy) into existing workplace training curriculum.
  • Redesign existing curriculum by consulting with technical experts. We update, organize and reformat content for clarity and conciseness.
  • Design lesson plans and written tests.
  • Mentor workplace educators with integrating an Essential Skills focus into workplace training.

Current and Past Projects

  • Developed Essential Skills upgrading curriculum for First Nations groups preparing for technical training in Fiber Optics and in Eco Restoration.
  • National project to develop Essential Skills curriculum for occupations in the tourism sector.
  • Developed modules for an existing curriculum for the trucking sector.
  • English for Specific Purposes project to develop curriculum to improve the Oral Communication skills of engineers; particularly in communicating with coworkers and making presentations at meetings using PowerPoint.