20 years of experience Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Mining

Train the Trainers

Workforce trainers benefit from our professional development opportunities. These workshops are available by request and held on-site or off-site. The content is customized for mining occupations.

Program and Curriculum Development

You have experience with classroom instruction and teaching to meet business objectives for the mining industry but you want to develop more effective programs, curriculum and lessons.

We mentor instructors on the following topics:

  • Designing Essential Skills programs for the workplace
  • Redesigning existing curriculum
  • Integrating Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy skills into existing curriculum
  • Assisting with assessment design (exams, tests, quizzes, prep guides)
  • Designing Essential Skills workplace-related worksheets to accompany course content

Document Use in Workforce Training

Workforce training can involve reading many documents with complex information. In this workshop, you will get a better understanding of how document complexity can challenge a worker’s ability to succeed at training.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding drawings, schematics, labels, lists, tables, flow charts and entry forms
  • Developing document reading skills
  • Understanding document complexity

This workshop aims to give you tips on teaching Document Use. It is not a workshop on how to design documents.

Mentorship in Workforce Training

Workforce training instructors can play an important role in contributing to the success of mentee-mentor relationships. This workshop will show how you can integrate mentorship into your instruction so that apprentice miners and new workers will be better learners and future mentors.

  • Teach apprentices strategies for becoming successful learners in the classroom and on the jobsite
  • Teach apprentices about their responsibility to share what they know with less experienced workers by using a mentoring strategy