20 years of experience Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Mining


Improving the job performance of workers in the mining industry is the goal of our workforce training programs for mining companies and Aboriginal groups.

Mining Companies: Project Highlights

Tata Steel
Profiled workers and developed training for iron ore processing plant operators.

Profiled workers and developed a training program for service workers. Mentorship program will be implemented. Developed a program for training underground workers.

Xstrata Nickel
Designed curriculum and delivered training and professional development to trainers at Xstrata. Developed assessments, evaluated programs and profiled jobs to support semi-skilled and skilled positions.

Albian Sands Energy Inc
Developed an Essential Skills profile and an assessment tool for mine operation occupations at Fort McMurray, Alberta.

BHP Diamonds Inc
Diavik Diamond Mines
Consulting project to set up a learning centre and develop competency profiles and a pre‚ÄĎassessment test for entry level mining positions at mines in the Northwest Territories.

Developed Essential Skills profiles for mining occupations at Fort McMurray, Alberta, and designed a learning centre for Suncor.

Aboriginal Groups

CHRD (Cree Human Resources Development)
Design and delivery of an Essential Skills program at various locations in northern Quebec for occupations such as ore extraction, mineral processing, drillers and blasters, heavy equipment operators and heavy equipment mechanics. Professional development with Essential Skills instructors will ensure sustainability of the program for future training initiatives.

Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach
Design and delivery of an Essential Skills program on site at Schefferville, Quebec, for participants preparing for heavy equipment and trucking operations.