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Formulas at Work: Tradesworkers on the Job

Formulas at Work: Tradesworkers on the Job

Author(s): Sue Grecki
Format: Coil book, 70 pages
Price: $40
(*Price for 10+): $36
Category: Apprentices, Instructors, Trades

Practice construction math skills using actual construction situations. For construction apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship.
Includes: 4 Formula Posters.
Companion to: From the Ground Up

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Formulas at Work can be used to practice numeracy skills using actual construction situations. This publication takes a unique approach by using a combination of photographs and diagrams to set up and solve math problems involving area, volume and right-angle triangles. Posters, included with the resource, give steps to setting up and solving problems, and provide construction-related examples.Formulas_at_Work_Pages

A good resource for pre-appenticeship and in a construction apprenticeship.

Instructors can order a class set for students.

Possible learning objectives:

  • Increase understanding of the numeracy skills used in the construction trades.
  • Review and practice calculating area, volume and right-angle triangles as used in the trades.
  • Familiarization with construction terminology.
  • Practice translating workplace problems into mathematical operations.
  • Demonstrate how numeracy is connected to workplace tasks.