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Essential Skills in Instruction Survey

An electronic survey, one component of SkillPlan’s Workplace Essential Skills in Instruction initiative, was designed to examine the usage patterns of work-related materials from the practitioner point of view. The draft survey was reviewed by a national Advisory Committee and piloted with assistance from researcher, Theresa Kline, PhD, University of Calgary.

The survey was distributed using Instant Survey on May 1st, 2008 to 812 email addresses. A total of 632 email addresses were valid and these individuals were invited to respond. Of these, 125 fully completed the survey (20% response rate) and an additional 13 partially completed the survey by
May 31st when the survey access website was closed. All responses are included in the results.

Survey respondents wanted work-related materials that were suited to the skill level of their learners and relevant to the workplace. They also wanted to learn more about how to deliver these skills. The Essential Skills most commonly required for learners were reading text, writing, and document use. (NALD website)

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