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Essential Skills Services for Trainers

Educator Workshops

workshop1Educators will develop Essential Skills expertise with our in-depth workshops. These on-site or off-site workshops are ideal for workplace educators, adult educators, curriculum developers, and project managers.

Available by request, these workshops are offered as individual courses, combined courses, and modified courses that focus on specific topics of interest.

Customized Workshops

Our workshops can be customized to fit your needs. For example, if you have a group of educators available for 3 or 4 days of training, SkillPlan can deliver a customized workshop to fit the timeline and training objectives of those educators.

A combination of these workshops may be used for customization:

  • Controlling Complexity
  • Document Use at the Workplace
  • Essential Skills in the Workplace
  • Essential Skills Job Profiling
  • Needs Analysis
  • Workplace Materials Development



An Introduction to Question Structure

Controlling Complexity

Understand the elements of question structure and how to use them to control complexity. Learn to identify the relative difficulty of questions and to ask questions that support instruction. Read more about SkillPlan’s Controlling Complexity book.

Document Use at the Workplace

Your learners’ competence at reading workplace documents affects their success at their jobs and at workplace training. This workshop takes a close look at document classification and structure.

  • Understanding list structure, graphs and charts, mimetic documents and entry forms.
  • Developing document reading skills.
  • Understanding document complexity.

This workshop aims to give you tips on teaching Document Use. It is not a workshop on how to design documents.

Essential Skills Job Profiling

Understand the framework of Essential Skills and the profiling methodology.

  • Observing and practicing open-ended interviewing skills.
  • Learning about complexity scales to understand what determines job task difficulty.
  • Understanding the ESDC job profiles and their applications.


Essential Skills in the Workplace

Understand models for designing and delivering Essential Skills interventions and learn how to engage employers.

  • Understanding the role of needs analysis for supervisors, employers, and the organization.
  • Assessing and developing Reading, Document Use, Writing, Numeracy skills, and Oral Communication skills.
  • Designing programs that increase workers’ Essential Skills levels.


Workplace Materials Development

Learn how to develop work-related learning materials that connect transferable Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy skills to workplace applications. Apply these materials to your lessons, assessments, or curriculum.

  • Collecting and selecting appropriate workplace documents.
  • Using job profiles to develop work-related learning materials.
  • Developing worker-focused task questions.
  • Developing answer steps that model a transferable learning strategy.
  • Developing materials to assess or improve the Essential Skills levels of learners.