20 years of experience Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Trainers


Consulting Services

Educators from colleges and Sector Councils across Canada use our services for program and curriculum development, assessment design, and professional development in workplace Essential Skills training. We specialize in integrating Essential Skills into workplace education. Essential Skills are the foundational skills – which include Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy – that workers need for success on the job. Contact us about how we can help you put an Essential Skills focus in your instruction.

What We Do

  • Develop curriculum with an Essential Skills workplace focus.
  • Teach how to develop learning materials.
  • Develop Essential Skills assessments for adult learners.
  • Mentor educators in teaching Essential Skills and incorporating Essential Skills into lessons.
  • Offer in-depth customized training workshops that develop workplace Essential Skills expertise.
  • Increase awareness of Essential Skills and build capacity by presenting Essential Skills topics nationally and internationally.
  • Assist educators with writing and publishing educational resources.
  • Host national conferences for educators on Essential Skills topics.

Some of our current and past projects

  • How Do Your Skills Measure Up website which practices Essential Skills.
  • Workplace Materials Development – National project to train and mentor educators on developing learning materials for workers.
  • Essential Skills Curriculum and Assessments – National project with tourism industry focus.
  • Essential Skills Assessment Modules – Developed in partnership with the trucking sector.
  • Ontario Skills Passport – Essential Skills check-up tool with workplace applications.
  • Controlling Complexity, a book on question structure that is based on the work of Performance by Design.