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Essential Skills Services for Construction

Job Profiling

Job profiling is identifying the skills workers need to be successful at an occupation, and measuring how the skills of your workers compare to that standard.

What Does Job Profiling Include?

We interview workers at your company to identify the key skills that will help them to complete job tasks effectively and efficiently. We ask workers questions about what they do on the job, their job tasks, and what is involved for skills like Reading, Document Use, Numeracy and Oral Communication. Or we take an existing profile and compare it with how your workers are doing against that profile.

Essential Skills job profiling is an assessment of skills for these nine areas:

Visit Employment and Social Development Canada's website for more details on Essential Skills Profiles

Visit Employment and Social Development Canada’s website for more details on Essential Skills Profiles

    1. Reading
    2. Document Use
    3. Numeracy
    4. Writing
    5. Oral Communication
    6. Working with Others
    7. Thinking Skills
    8. Computer Use
    9. Continuous Learning

How Your Company Benefits From Job Profiling

  • Skills required for occupations at your company are defined to establish a standard for current and new workers.
  • Skills gap analysis determines the competency of workers against a national standard.
  • Assessment of skills determines if further training is needed for specific occupations.
  • Competency profiles support onboarding and succession planning.