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Essential Skills Services for Construction


Consulting Services

SkillPlan’s commitment to the construction industry results in workforce development services and products that align with the industry’s needs. Here is a list of our services for pre-apprentices, apprentices, journeyworkers, technical instructors, supervisors, business reps and contractors.


  • Technical skill training support for apprentices and pre-apprentices
  • Mentorship-on-the-job workshops for journeyworkers, supervisors, and contractors
  • Skills support for Numeracy, Document Use, Writing, Computer Use, and Oral Communication in an on-the-job context
  • Skills assessments
  • Prep guides for skills review in construction trades
  • More…

Technical Instructors


  • Mentorship-on-the-job workshops for journeyworkers, supervisors and contractors
  • Job profiling and assessments
  • Computer classes for industry (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Plain language writing workshop for the construction industry

Business Reps

  • Plain language writing workshop for the construction industry
  • Computer classes for the construction industry (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)